Real-time insights into student well-being

We give you the data necessary to
proactively prevent student drop out


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Individual Student Intervention

We help you identify individual students who are struggling, and the areas in which they are struggling.

Track over time

See changes in your students’ well-being both on the individual and aggregated level. This helps you map out trends in student well-being over time.

Increase ROI on existing resources

Students are not always aware of the resources available to them. We make your existing resources more accessible to students and measure the impact of your resources and initiatives.

View student well-being in real-time.

Cycle between different tabs to dive deeper into individual student well-being data.

Measure changes in well-being over time.

See the specific factors affecting your students' well-being.

View student well-being in real-time

Stay up to date with top emotions of the student body broken down into weekly, monthly and overall views.

View overall progress and compare different student demographic segments.

Cycle between different tabs to dive deeper into individual student results and engagement levels.

hear from your students directly

With short, interactive check-ins,
we make it easy to gather student wellbeing data

Quick, interactive check-ins

Our chatbot asks students two questions: How are you feeling? And why are you feeling that way? Each check-in takes less than 30 seconds, allowing us to gather actionable data without losing students’ focus.

Tailored resources and support

Depending on how they answer, each student is presented with relevant, helpful resources. We work with each university, on an individual basis, to present their students with internal and external resources.

Crisis support

Students will always have the option to reach out for immediate assistance through the chatbot. We want to make asking for help as easy as clicking a button. Student outreaches are presented to universities directly in their dashboard.


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